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Do more in your Municipality.

  • Açor-M is a solution developed to adjust to the needs of each Municipality.
  • The Citizen App and the Municipality Web Portal allow municipalities to provide online services to citizens.
  • SNC-AP

  • Inventory

  • Salaries


  • Canids

  • Markets

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Take care of the health of your Clinic.

  • Schedule appointments, treatments and exams simply and quickly.
  • Track the clinical process or control your clinic’s finances on a single platform.
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics

  • Physiotherapy Offices

  • Polyclinics

  • Radiology Clinics

  • Dental Clinics

  • Continuing Care

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Increase your Local Accommodation reservations!

  • See check-in and check-out, reservations, billing or send reports to SEF and INE.
  • Connect with all the portals you need to sell your accommodation worldwide with Channel Manager.
  • Local Accommodations

  • Guesthouses

  • Hotels

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Control your company’s finances.

  • Açor-C adapts to different realities, regardless of the type of business, location or sales volume.
  • It works in Cloud so you will always have access to the best technology.
  • Stores

  • Civil Construction

  • Real Estate

  • Factorys

  • Local Accommodations

  • Farms

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