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Receive and accept the communication of invoices from suppliers of your Public Entity.
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Discover our solution for Electronic Invoicing.

Portal de Comunicação de Faturas (PCF) is a simple and intuitive solution developed to communicating supplier invoices to the state.

The Invoice Communications Portal is integrated with Acor-M and Frecloud. 

PCF is integrated with Açor-M and Frecloud. In addition, it is integrated too with the SNC-AP.

Receive invoices from all suppliers that work with public entities, i.e., water, electricity or internet suppliers and others. PCF was developed for Municipalities and other Public Entities.

Save time and resources by submitting invoices automatically.

Electronic Invoice to Public Entities.

Why do Public Entities need to join the Electronic Invoice?

Decree-Law No. 111-B / 2017, of August 31, came to regulate and standardize the use of electronic invoices within the scope of contracts with the Public Administration. As of January 1, 2021, state suppliers will be required by law to communicate invoices issued to public entities through an Invoice Communication Portal (PCF). This means that instead of sending the invoice in paper or PDF format via email, they should send it through the PCF.

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3 Simple steps to understand Electronic Invoice. 

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The state supplier must submit its invoice at the Invoice Communications Portal (PCF). Once submitted, the PCF will verify the veracity of the signature on the invoice. In case of not being validated, the supplier will have the possibility to validate through the Citizen Card.



After the invoice is validated by Invoice Communications Portal, you only will communicate it to the Public Entity.



In this last step, it is up to the public entity to accept the invoice received by the state supplier.

The solution that adapts to your needs. 

See the benefits of electronic invoicing for your organization.

More Safe

Minimize the risk arising from handling paper documents in the process of issuing invoices.

More Privacy

Ensure the privacy of your data and respect the legal rules.

More Eco-friendly

Avoid wasting paper by scanning the issued invoices.

Invoice Communications Portal Plans


  • 150 Invoices/year


  • 200 Invoices/year


  • 300 Invoices/year

If you exceed the number of Invoices in the Gold Pack, you can add a pack of 600 Invoices for 60 €. Value without VAT.

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